Q1: Who or what are The Australian Don’s?

They are people called Don (or a variation of). Who are also crazy about DON smallgoods. Who also reside in the Australia. That’s about it.

Q2: Who is eligible to apply?

If you are unsure, here are a few potential names that we’d consider Don-worthy: Don, Donna, Donnell, Donnie, Donny, Donatello, Donovan, The Don family, Don-whatever. Hell, we’ll take you if your nickname is ‘The Don’. Don Burke, Donna Hay – you guys know our number.

Q3: How do I apply?

You’re already on the right website. Just head back to the homepage of, click on sign up now and complete the entry form in full. Don’t forget to upload a recent photo of yourself.

Q4: What will be taken into consideration when selecting applications?

Firstly, your Don-worthy name. After that it’s all about showing us your love of smallgoods, enthusiasm and capturing our imagination so we know you’re going to light up the screen in our next campaign.

Q5: When will I be contacted?

Around early March, if you are successful in making the shortlist. You’ll be contacted by the promoter’s agency for a follow-up interview. Don will then select the final 5 Dons by the end of March after these interviews.

Q6: What do I receive if I’m selected?

The chance to become bigger than sliced ham. You could become one of the new faces of our DON advertising campaign. Be showered with delicious DON products, and receive a one-off fee for your time.

Q7: When do I need to be available?

Be ready to travel between the 15th March and 15th April to make smallgoods history.

Q8: I have so many questions.

Don’t feel bad; please contact our Customer Information Centre for answer (meat-related or otherwise).
Phone: 1800 634 783, Email:
Quote “The Australian Dons Campaign”

Q10: Is Don?

Is Good.